Ongoing projects

In 2024, the following projects will be launched under Primary Sources in Danish Art History:

  • Documents concerning the sculptor Adelgunde Vogt (by Karen Benedicte Busk-Jepsen)
  • J.F. Willumsen's collage albums (by Louise Bugge Jacobsen, Willumsens Museum)
  • Helga Ancher's letters (by Maren Bjerg Thomsen, Art Museums of Skagen)
  • Olivia Holm-Møller's letter archive (by Silke Engberg, Holstebro Art Museum)
  • Richard Mortensen's recorded lectures at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (by Mette Højsgaard and Anneli Fuchs)
  • Else Alfelt and Carl-Henning Pedersen's archive (by Lotte Korshøj, Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelt's Museum)
  • Ernest Mancoba's archive (by Karen Westphal Eriksen, Statens Museum for Kunst and Winnie Sze, independent curator and researcher)
  • Kunstforeningen GL STRAND's archive 1925-2000 (by Frederik Rørmann Saxton and Marie Finsten Jensen, Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand)
  • Kirsten Dufour's video archive Let Us Speak Now (by Pia Rönicke in collaboration with HEIRLOOM centre for art and archives, Johanne Løgstrup and Stine Hebert)

Information about funding opportunities and the application process can be found on the New Carlsberg Foundation's website.