About PSiDAH

The steering group

The steering group for Primary Sources in Danish Art History comprises:

  • Christine Buhl Andersen
  • Claus Grønne (archivist, New Carlsberg Foundation)
  • Peter Nørgaard-Larsen (chief curator, SMK –National Gallery of Denmark)
  • Hanne Abildgaard (senior researcher)
  • Jesper Svenningsen (project researcher, SMK – National Gallery of Denmark)
  • Thomas Hvid Kromann (senior researcher, Royal Danish Library)
  • Jonas Bencard (senior researcher)
  • Gertrud Oelsner (director, The Hirschsprung Collection)
  • Sidsel Kjærulff Rasmussen (publishing director, Strandberg Publishing)

Claus Grønne also serves as the coordinator for Primary Sources in Danish Art History and is the contact person for all inquiries concerning PSiDAH. For enquiries please write to